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Silicone Work Pad - Size 55mm x 105mm


Silicone Work Pad- Size 55mm x 105mm

A clean and efficient way of keeping your workstation organized, to freely attach and detach the eyelash extension. A soft cushion like surface is suitable for classic and volume lash extensions. Prevents damage to tweezer tips and easily reused after simply washing with water.

You can attach/detach strips of lashes easily without leaving any sticky residue.

Soft cushion-like surface prevents damage of tweezer tips and is suitable to place on the forehead of clients during volume extension.


1. If the pad is oversized cut the pad into the size of your lash holder

2. Tear off the film from the pad and attach it to your Lash Holder.

3. Use clean water and dry in the air when washing.

4. If lashes fall on the work pad, use tape to remove the lashes.


+ Silicone cushion prevents the tweezers from abrasion

+ Easily attach or detach the tray lashes

+ Can use Lash Holder neater and cleaner.

+ Silicone cushion enables faster and efficient extension procedure

+ Prevents tools/ lashes from dropping from the pad with a better grip.

+ Can see the lashes more clearly on the white pad

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