RefectoCil Precision Brow Tweezer - Slanted


Brow Perfection starts with the right tools!

The new RefectoCil Precision Brow Tweezer is the perfect tool to complete a full RefectoCil brow styling service. Use these tweezers to further enhance your clients' brows after a brow wax, tint or lamination service. 

Also perfect for home use to maintain brow shape in between salon visits. 

The bevelled tip makes it easy to grip and remove even the shortest of hairs at the roots, allowing for faster, more precise and less painful tweezing. 


  • Stainless steel for high material hardness and durability
  • Bevelled tip allows highest precision
  • Ergonomically perfect tweezer shape
  • Hand-ground gripping surfaces
  • Manufactured in cooperation with canal®, the specialist for high-quality professional beauty instruments.

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