Elleebana Lash Lift Glue/Adhesive Strong Hold 5ml


The benefits of this adhesive over all other brands of adhesive for lash lifting is a10% stronger hold making the lifting process even faster and easier to keep the lashes adhered during the lifting process – no more pesky lashes popping off during the treatment.  This will mean less wastage of adhesive as it reduces the chances of needing to reapply the adhesive during the processing time, less chance of cross contamination from incorrect reapplication of the adhesive and a better and faster result for salons and their clients. The adhesive also contains added benefits of keratin and biotin to support the lashes further during the process.  No other adhesive on the market offers the same and after months of testing the results with this adhesive we are so proud to add this little beauty to our range. 

  • 10% Stronger hold
  • Contains Keratin and Biotin
  • Conditioning
  • Strengthening

 Professional Use Only

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