Elleebana Henna Brow Aqua Activator 55ml


Elleebana Aqua (pH) Activator (55ml)

Elleebana's Aqua PH activator mixes with Elleebana's Henna Dye tints to nourish, strengthen and restore natural hair growth and shape of eyebrows.The aqua formula contains vitamins including vitamin pro B5, aloe vera, hydrolyzed wheat protein, D panthenol and Vitamin E (antioxidant). Offers at least 100 services per bottle.


  • Hydrolized Wheat Protein: known for its hydrating, moisture balancing and lm-forming abilities this ingredient gives hair better body and control as well as a smoother softer feel. The word €œhydrolyzed€ refers to a compound that has been split into very small units and due to the low molecular weight of hydrolyzed wheat protein, it can be easily absorbed by the hair shaft meaning your hair will retain moisture.
  • D Panthenol (Pro-vitamin B5) is a moisture booster and encourages hydration deeper into the hair.
  • Vitamin E and Antioxidant Properties: to support healthy skin.
  • Aloe Vera: Aloe Vera has high protein, vitamins and mineral content which helps to nourish skin and hair and offers a smoothing and shiny result.


  • 8 drops to one large scoop of henna powder for a creamy consistency.
  • Once combined, apply to the eyebrows and leave for 20 minutes.

For Professional Use Only

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