Elleebana ElleePalette The Black Lash Lift Artists Palette


Upgrade your lash and brow routine with the Ellee-PALETTE! Designed for everyday use, it offers convenient sections for lotions, tint, and glue. The water well keeps your adhesive fresh, while the brush rest and additional sections provide flexibility. With spacious wells and a non-slip base, it's perfect for flawless applications. Easy to clean and hassle-free, the Ellee-PALETTE is your go-to tool for stunning results at home. Elevate your beauty game today!

Features :

  • Dedicated sections for lotions, tint, and glue application.
  • Water well prolongs adhesive life during treatments.
  • Brush rest and additional brush sections for added convenience.
  • Spacious wells accommodate varying lotion amounts.
  • A non-slip base provides stability for precise work.
  • Easy-to-clean material ensures a residue-free surface.

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