Lash Supplies

3D D Curl Pre-Fanned Extension Trays - 0.07


Triples the volume and gives fuller looking lashes.
Each lash is W-shaped and with minimal glue at the base to minimise weight.
Every lash you apply, you get the look of having applied three lashes.
You can finish a set of extensions and achieve the same look for your clients in less than half the time!

Recommend Hook tweezers for secure pick-up  VETUS ESD 15  or Vetus 6A SA Russian volume tweezers

Lash House Supplies Pre Made / Pre Fanned lashes are designed for volume and speed to create a full, fluffy soft result. 
We understand how time consuming it can be creating fans as a lash technician so we have carefully hand crafted our trays in 3D Volume. Using Pre fanned lashes can half your fitting time enabling you to have more time for clients or to build your business.

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