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Brow Code Advanced Lustre Brow Lamination - Step 1 Perming Lotion Refill (20 Sachets)

This product has been specifically designed for refilling your original Lustre Lamination Kit. Brow Code’s Brow Perming Solution is Step 1 in the Lustre Lamination Kit. Step 1 is where the chemical process breaks down the bonds within each hair, allowing them to morph and move into a new shape.


  • 20 x 1ml Sachets of Step 1


  • Made in Italy: This formula has been made in the best laboratory practices in cosmetic manufacturing.
  • Air-tight Sachets: The ingredients won’t oxidise with air exposure, ensuring the integrity of the ingredients for a more effective, long-lasting result. Each sachet is single-use and perfect for portion control.
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