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Bis FLAT Lash C Curl 0.15/0.2, 7-15mm MIX

BIS FLAT LASH C curl 0.15/0.2, 7-14mm MIX

BIS Flat lash gives a fuller, denser lash line.

Flat lashes are designed to increase the lash width without adding any weight. These lashes are easier to place delivering a bolder look than conventional circular type lash extensions.

0.15 x 7-15 Mix / 0.2 x 7-15 Mix

Mix Detail = Total 16 Lines

7mm- 1 line

8mm- 1 line

9mm- 1 line

10mm- 2 lines

11mm- 3 lines

12mm- 3 lines

13mm- 2 lines

14mm- 2 lines

15mm- 1 lines

Material: High quality PBT material (Best Quality material for eyelash extension)

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