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Alcohol Skin Cleanser/Tool Disinfectant 20pk


Disinfection of hands and skin, disinfection of eyelash extension tweezers, medical devices

Product Category
Quasi-drugs (imports) (Classification number: 4600)
chief ingredient- isopropyl alcohol (0.9769 g), isopropyl alcohol - 0.6 ml
Efficacy / effect

How to keep
Airtight container, storage at room temperature (1 ~ 30 ℃)

◈ Precautions for use on skin

1. Do not use in the following cases. : Damaged skin or mucous membranes (irritant)

2. Side Effects
1) Hypersensitivity: Sensitization such as rashes may occur. In such cases, discontinue use.
2) SKIN: Stop irritation in such cases.

3. General Precautions
1) Use only for external use (Do not underwear).
2) Do not get into eyes. If inside, wash well with clean water.
3) If you use it extensively or for a long time, that.
4) If repeatedly used at the same site, skin may become rough due to defatting.
5) Be careful not to penetrate to the inside by coagulating proteins such as serum and pus. Wash thoroughly before use.

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