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Glue Tape (3 pack)

Keep glue fresh and prolong the duration of glue use!
Glue tape for lash extension application with case to keep it clean
  • Keep glue dot fresh for a longer period
  • Suitable for handmade volume artists
  • Not to be used on the client's face

Why use a glue tape?

Unlike paper tape GLUE TAPE is coated to prevent the glue from penetrating through the tape. This enables the glue to last longer before requiring a new drop and maintain its convex shape.

Extension glue drops on the rough surface of regular paper tape are not designed for glue drop usage and cause the glue to lose its droplet shape and dry too soon. Glue Tape helps eyelash extension glue to stay in its perfect droplet shape for a longer period.

The special PE coating on the Glue Tape provides a much smoother surface area and blocks out moisture entering into the paper tape.

Studies show that glue drops on GLUE TAPE stay fresh twice as long as the glue drops on normal paper tape.

This is a MUST TRY product, especially for the Russian Volume Lash Artists who usually require a longer application time.

How do you use it?

1. Cut the desired length of tape and attach it on a glue plate/ jade stone

2. Drop a glue droplet on the glue tape

3. After use, take the tape off the plate


1. Keep out of reach of children

2. Do not store the product in a place where the temperature is extremely hot or cold, or where exposed to direct sunlight

3. Please keep it somewhere clean away from any dust or contamination


Width 12.5mm

Length 9.13mm

Composition : Adhesive + Felt + PE Coating

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