Eco Tan Exfoliating Glove

Prepping the perfect base before tanning? Removing existing tan or just need a good scrub? Don’t do all the hard work and give yourself a hand with Eco Tan's Exfoliating Glove!

How To Use :
  1. Can be used on wet or dry skin.
  2. Brush over body in circular motion.
  3. Best used with Pink Himalayan Salt Scrub 24 -48 hours PRIOR to tanning for glowing, polished, beautifully moisturised skin.
  4. Reusable – just rinse after each use and hang in the shower.

TOP TIP: If you don’t exfoliate properly, your tan is more likely to start flaking off as it fades, appearing uneven and blotchy. It is essential that you exfoliate your skin beforehand to reveal fresh smooth skin – and create the perfect base to apply your tan.

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